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24 Jan

Let’s Do This For Doug

Lets' Do This For Doug!

Go Fund Doug! 


No doubt some of you have viewed a number of GoFundMe accounts asking people to fund the strangest and silliest things:

“Help me get plastic surgery . . . “

“Help me get to Vegas . . .”

“Help me secure a private detective to spy on my ex . . . ” 

(Between you and me, I think Linda here at ARC has a secret account for “Help me buy every trail shoe that comes through these doors, but please look away when I coddle it like a little baby.”  Yeah, she really loves her some trail shoes.)

Seriously though, if you’ve been turned off by less deserving GoFundMe accounts, take one more look and focus your eyes on Doug Fickel’s page.

This 22 year old is one of the strongest, most selfless, and most resilient people you will ever meet. That’s not lip service, friends.  That’s the truth.

Doug’s life is a never ending battle, but he has come out the victor time and time again.

At 5 years old he was diagnosed with Ataxia Talengiectasia, and was confined to a wheelchair. Worse, the disease attacked his immune system, ravaged his body with the torturous symptoms of muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, and even cancer.

Yet here he is —  smiling, participating, helping others — proof positive that his spirit and his will to live know no bounds. 

Who among us can say with certainty that we would demonstrate the same relentless fight as Doug? What is that special something he has in his heart that keeps him going?

He loves life!  All of it. He loves his family, people, country music, and most of all, hunting, fishing, and traversing the outdoors.

The goal of Doug’s GoFundMe page (all credit to Danielle Plessi for creating the account), is to reward him with even more life!

Your donations go to buying Doug a new, rugged, outdoor chair that can take him to places he’s never been, and make his love of hunting, fishing, and exploring the outdoors a reality. 

The chair is very expensive, over SIXTEEN THOUSAND dollars. He is worth every penny.  His page already has over 11,000 dollars. We are close!

And if you need any more compelling reasons to help this man out; he has pledged that any funds left over will go to two special charities close to his heart:, a charity that serves to help children suffering from this ugly disease, and, “Camo Cares,” a foundation that serves children with all types of life threatening diseases and veterans in need.

We are difference makers, all of us. Please help me prove it!

If you would like to donate please follow this link — A Wheelchair for Doug

Thank You Friends,