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09 Dec

What Did You Do?


What did you do?

A naughty dog chews up his owner’s slippers, a coworker hobbles in to the office on crutches, a curious, scissor wielding little girl decides to play beauty salon at the expense of her long locks . . . They have all heard the question, “What did you do?”

If you are sitting in a room reading this, take a look around. I’d stake my life’s fortune (I use that term loosely) and bet not a single person you lay eyes on has made it through their years without error. To ere is to be human, isn’t that what they say? Why then do so many of us continually ask ourselves with admonishment, shame, and self-imposed guilt, “what did I do?”

So what did you do?

Have you been making a monthly donation to a gym you haven’t seen the inside of in months?

Have you gotten down on yourself, self-medicated with some delicious treats, and gained a few pounds?

Maybe you got off your training plan and had to postpone a race (me, me, me!).

Maybe you blew past a cop on 81, doing 81 in a construction zone?

Did you spend the last 50 bucks in your bank account on a movie ticket, a tub of popcorn, and a vat of cherry coke?

No judgement here.

Did you do something worse?  Still no judgement here.

If you like Adele’s music, you know she sings that “mistakes and regrets are memories made.” They sure are. Good memories, bad memories, things we look back on and laugh, things we look back on and wish we could build a time machine. But we can’t live in the memories of what we have done.

Don’t forget, but stop asking yourself, “What did I do?” Instead, ask “What am I doing NOW, and what am I going to do next?”

Put the slippers on the shelf, gently remove the sharp object from your little girl’s hand. Put your gym clothes on and drive to the gym. Consider getting out.  The next time a piece of cake dares you to eat it, impale it with a celery stick. Get back out there and take a walk. Whatever you did in the past is done.

Regardless the severity of your mistake, you are forgiven. We all know some errors go far, far beyond just getting a speeding ticket or bleeding cash at the movie theater. Still, you are forgiven. God forgives the very second the request passes your lips. Now forgive yourself too!  And do better.

What did I do? I did better.