You are currently viewing 2018 Carlisle Summerfair 5k & 10k Results and Pics

2018 Carlisle Summerfair 5k & 10k Results and Pics

Sunny skies. Cooler temps. Record crowd.

We had a GORGEOUS day for the annual Carlisle Summerfair 5k and 10k races this year!

With over 565 people registered and ready to run, it was our biggest and best race yet!

It was wonderful to see everyone out there enjoying the new courses.  Kiddos, grandparents, speedsters, walkers, first-timers . . . it’s truly a fun time for everyone.

Congrats to all of our winners this year!  There were some seriously fast folks out there! (we told you the new course would be good for a PR!)

Full results can be found below.

A great big THANK YOU to all our amazing volunteers — from “Doggie” and his timing team, to Josh & the AppRunCo staff, Mike Black and all the fantastic runners and friends who helped with number pick up, course set up/marking, course directions, cheering, clean up and all that goes in to a race like this. We could never do it without ALL of you — so thank you for giving of your time and talents.  We appreciate each of you!  YOU ARE ALL DIFFERENCE MAKERS!!!!

See you all next year!

****Many more photos can be viewed at our AppRunCo Race Gallery on Flickr — 2018 Carlisle Summerfair 5k & 10k

5k Age Group Results

5K Top Females Overall
1193Meg Lebo    20:1717
5K Age Group Results for Female 9 and Under
131Solis Bollinger    30:396
2288Lucy Purdy    33:157
3268Gianna Paladina    34:009
4290Sophia Ramsey    37:532
5385Willa Yocum    38:187
6278Isabella Peffer    43:272
7109Isabelle Gable    44:317
8207Magdalene Mains    46:451
9356Charlotte Waleski    49:248
1097Laura Erb    50:223
11111Kaitlyn Gable    53:265
12233Cathryn Moore    53:494
1348Briella Carothers    58:535
5K Age Group Results for Female 10 – 14
1297Lydia Ring    23:4814
2584Carleigh Courtney    25:0012
328Kylee Boardman    25:2011
4384Katryn Yocum    27:3214
5203Aubrey Mackey    27:5911
6185Bella Krutz    28:2513
7254Ashley Nestlebush    28:2811
8158Greta Hostler    28:4712
92Emma Adams    29:2213
1056Marisa Colondrillo    29:4413
1132Angelica Bowen    31:1813
12366Kylee Watkins    32:1611
13276Emma Peachey    32:3712
14198Lydia Lloyd    33:0312
15230Abby Moore    33:1611
16255Madison Nestlebush    33:4211
17582Miranda Diegel    36:2110
181Elaina Adams    37:4610
19285Brooklyn Popalo    45:0613
20234Riley Moore    45:2712
21361Sarah Waleski    45:4813
22360Norah Waleski    45:5010
23237Amelia Morris    46:5712
24202Alec Macarayo    53:4214
25232Ava Moore    53:4710
5K Age Group Results for Female 15 – 19
1194Julia Ledgett    23:2118
2172Hayley Midgley    23:2118
3348Sophia Toti    23:5816
4306Sophie Salomone    24:2815
5362Abby Walters    24:3718
6173Clarissa Johnston    27:3215
7163Abigail Hurst    29:2217
8150Caroline Hoffman    33:2619
9151Grace Hoffman    33:2615
10381Ashlyn Yocum    38:1816
11170Ashley Ivanoff    51:1118
12133Jamie Hafner    51:1118
1366Maria Cuccia    57:2215
14389Kyleigh Zenewicz    59:1515
5K Age Group Results for Female 20 – 29
175Colleen Deignan    24:0625
2294Sarah Rhine    27:5929
3363Anna Walters    28:3020
4249KELSEY NAJDEK    32:2924
542Patience Bulus    37:1221
6168Amina Iqbal    37:3626
7192Karlee Lebo    39:0327
8244Michele Mullins    43:4429
9369Jenny May wendell    52:3629
10349April Tuggle    56:3129
5K Age Group Results for Female 30 – 39
141Carol Bullen    23:0134
2341Alyson Thibodeau    24:0536
3156Rebecca Hornberger    24:4536
4241Samantha Moses    25:5635
5175Amanda Karloski    26:0631
6338Katie Suwala    26:0735
793Jennifer Einherst    27:0839
8263Lacey Oswalt    27:1131
9181Laura Knouse    27:1537
10353Lindsay Varner    27:4432
11273Myine Palmer    28:0135
12144Mary Hellman    28:4632
13327Ana Soto    29:2435
1435Stacey Brautigam    30:0538
15351Jamie VanMeter    30:1837
1657Sarah Colondrillo    30:3638
17308Katie Schweighofer    31:1339
18189jennifer kyzer    31:1638
19337Maggie Stonecash    31:2532
20365Cherie Watkins    31:3432
21388Kayla Zenewicz    32:0230
223Jennifer Adams    32:0838
23585Allison Moore    33:4031
24270Julia Paladina    34:0039
25227Nina Mitchell    34:0839
26214Danielle McCaul    35:0534
27581Melissa Eppley    36:2335
28280Stephanie Peffer    36:2639
29108Sheila Foster    37:1732
3086Kim Dierwechter    37:3039
31579Carissa Alabise    37:4436
3213Traer Beaudette    37:5839
33373Rachel Weyant    38:0339
3452Janelle Chockla    38:1835
3522Jaime Bittinger    40:4634
36217Jillian McGeehan    42:2238
37251Angela Nelson    43:2731
38148Mira Hewlett    43:2738
39286Tracy Popalo    45:0938
40231Amanda Moore    45:3836
41205Christine Mains    46:3637
4229Kristen Boles    48:2234
4391Katrina Eady    48:2238
44162Bree Howell    48:2335
45136Heather Hair    50:1337
4694Christina Erb    50:2234
47112Olivia Gable    53:4138
48236Sarah Moore    54:2839
49316Ashley Shields    56:5730
50190Carol Lawton    57:3336
5K Age Group Results for Female 40 – 49
137Mandy Brigaman    21:4642
2326Tracy Sniscak    25:4047
3240Jodi Morrow    26:0648
4183Megan Kretzing    26:1244
5159Heather Hostler    27:5640
6343Sylvia Thompson    28:2745
7186Kelly Krutz    28:4544
8247Kim Murray    29:0748
9292Angela Reighard    29:4149
10216Nikki McElwee    30:0745
1154Lisa Clark    30:2343
1223Tara Black    30:4840
13152Jen Hoffman    31:1349
1489Elizabeth Drazien    32:1441
15126April Graham    33:5443
16377Gabrielle Winton    34:4946
1755Jennifer Clements    36:0544
18215Erin McCusker    36:0541
19256Noelle Nestlebush    36:0946
20141Sharon Haseman    37:1248
21382Carla Yocum    38:2149
22139Lindsay Hambrook    38:3141
23105Liz Fisher    39:5243
24325Kathy Smith    39:5248
2546Wendy Campbell    48:0045
26358Jennifer Waleski    49:2542
27123Tammie Gitt    49:3549
28246Olga Munoz    51:1744
29200Charly Lynn    52:3147
3064Nicole Crisp    56:5847
31188Adrienne Kuhn    57:3243
32182Hollis Kosco    58:3046
5K Age Group Results for Female 50 – 59
1347Dawn Toti    29:1050
2195Judy Lee    30:0657
319Jill Benner    30:3957
439Gina Brown    32:5557
56Lori Aux    38:4650
6282Shelly Perry    42:0357
7137Wendi Hair    50:1255
8370Coleen West    56:1756
965Lenora Cuccia    57:2353
5K Age Group Results for Female 60 – 69
1352Cindy Varner    28:0860
2320Dianne Showers    32:3462
3149Jayne Higgins    36:1561
460JoAnne Cooper    43:4066
5380Kathy Wolaver    54:5568
6336Deborah Stille  1:04:3364
5K Age Group Results for Female 70 +
1272Margaret Palmer    57:1472
5K Top Males Overall
1378Jack Wisner    16:2016
5K Age Group Results for Male 9 and Under
174Riley Decker    28:424
2160Owen Hostler    28:478
3376John Willshier    29:249
415Levi Beck    30:408
5164Henri Hurst    32:519
6229Aaron Moore    33:259
7127Jordyn Graham    33:536
8279Owen Peffer    36:267
916Samuel Beck    36:406
1079Seth DeLorenzo    44:317
1177Asher DeLorenzo    45:149
1295Grant Erb    50:247
1384Felipe Diaz    51:178
5K Age Group Results for Male 10 – 14
1145Jaden Hepner    19:3714
283Elijah Diaz    21:1712
3147Trey Hepner    22:3911
4258Shane OConnell    23:0812
5342Briar Thompson    23:4814
6239Conner Morrow    23:4914
7265Jacob Owen    23:4914
8314Austin Shatto    24:0114
9315Noah Shatto    25:1514
10324Henry Smith    25:2013
1126Britton Boardman    26:3813
12174Adam Kalmanowicz    27:5014
13287Baxter Purdy    28:2110
14267Dominic Paladina    32:2111
15226Luke Mitchell    34:0311
16206Isaac Mains    35:0113
17138Jase Hambrook    38:3113
18209Sean Mains    46:1813
1982Daniel Diaz    51:1011
20210Thomas Mains  1:01:3714
21208Owen Mains  1:01:4710
5K Age Group Results for Male 15 – 19
1179Brandan Knepper    16:2317
2305Cade Rush    16:5719
3238Jacob Morris    17:0017
4277Evan Peachey    17:3215
5177Evan Kase    17:4415
681Christopher Diaz    17:5618
7122Michael Ginter    18:3415
876Roy Delevan    19:4615
9178Mackenzie Kirkwood    20:4515
10191Jacob Layton    22:2316
11166Daniel Ilgenfritz    23:3916
12390Reilly Zenewicz    25:5816
13357Ethan Waleski    26:5115
14271Caleb Palmer    28:0216
15201Steven Lynn    30:1118
16583Trentin Diegel    32:5316
17169Nauman Iqbal    33:1418
18386Luke Young    34:0217
19302AXEL ROUTH    36:2217
5K Age Group Results for Male 20 – 29
170Alejandro Davila    21:0622
2119David Geiger    21:1226
3309Chad Searer    24:4729
450Tyler Chandler    25:4321
534Philip Bowers    30:3120
6275Brett Paul    32:1324
5K Age Group Results for Male 30 – 39
1250Craig Natalis    17:3433
2142Benjamin Hebdon    18:1134
373Dominic Decker    19:5232
4134Matthew Hahn    22:1733
5350Brian VanDerveer    22:2930
6121Andrew Ginder    24:0937
743Brian Bustos    24:2232
812Craig Bear    24:5039
9221Frank Meise    25:1930
10176Steven Karloski    25:4231
1124Chris Bley    26:3834
12313Zak Sharif    27:5734
1387Jason Diggs    28:0934
1417Joseph Bell    28:5335
159Stephen Barkley    29:4638
1630Shaun Bollinger    30:4037
17199Jameson Locvich    33:0834
18143Kyle Hellman    33:3032
19289Matt Purdy    33:4838
20157Richard Hornberger    35:2535
2192Paul Edger    35:2731
22154Russell Holland    37:3039
2318Scott Benion    43:2735
24245Shaun Mullins    43:4432
2578Jason DeLorenzo    45:1735
26204Brian Mains    46:4538
27311Brian Senft    47:4139
2896Jason Erb    50:2337
29318Sergio Shields    56:5833
5K Age Group Results for Male 40 – 49
127Ed Boardman    18:3040
2153Marc Holland    21:0441
3187Scott Krutz    22:2144
4146Sam Hepner    22:4041
5248Stephen Myers    22:5345
67Stephen Aux    24:4344
7184Steven Kretzing    25:3742
853Joseph Chretien    26:2247
967Clint Culbertson    26:4042
1068Joseph Daffner    27:1243
1111Corey Bear    27:2841
12235Russ Moore    28:1742
13266Jeremy Owen    29:5943
14125Roger Gonzalez    30:0749
1533Tim Bowen    31:1845
16269Jeff Paladina    32:2246
17242Andrew Mowery    32:2840
18257Scott Nestlebush    34:5147
19303Kyle Routh    36:2248
2036Richard Briden    36:5540
215Patrick Andrews    39:2047
2221Brian Bittinger    40:4640
23359Mike Waleski    46:2045
24110Jonathan Gable    53:2740
5K Age Group Results for Male 50 – 59
1577Ben Leitzel    19:5057
285Rodrigo Diaz    21:1653
3167Jeff Ilgenfritz    22:5956
4120Scott George    23:4254
5155David Hollen    25:0555
698Steve Fealtman    26:1855
7364John Wargins    26:3352
8113Ernest Gardner    27:3852
9274Timothy Palmer    28:0350
10383Charles Yocum    30:0654
11344Jose Torres    30:2355
1288David Dils    30:4958
13569daniel whelan    30:5251
14281Michael Percherke    34:4857
15196Wayne Lengel    37:5358
16312Josephine Seyfried    45:2258
5K Age Group Results for Male 60 – 69
140Albert Brulo    19:5160
2368Randy Weigle    23:0960
3354Mike Varner    23:5861
4371Brad Westhafer    29:1366
510Chuck Bear    29:3366
6322Richard Showers    30:1161
7135Brian Hair    31:4660
869Rick Daum    32:1069
961Richard Cooper    34:5563
10180Bill Knouse    37:4565
11372John Westhafer    38:2962
12220Pier Meager    43:0066
13379Cliff Wolaver    51:3468
5K Age Group Results for Male 70 +
1225Hap Miller    30:3874
280Terry Derk    30:5876
3291Paul Raver    32:0774
4328Todd Starbuck    35:5274
5317Ronald Shields    39:1875
6586Bill Kosco    58:3178
7323John Sigle  1:04:3473

5k Overall Results

1378Jack Wisner    16:2016M
2179Brandan Knepper    16:2317M
3305Cade Rush    16:5719M
4238Jacob Morris    17:0017M
5277Evan Peachey    17:3215M
6250Craig Natalis    17:3433M
7177Evan Kase    17:4415M
881Christopher Diaz    17:5618M
9142Benjamin Hebdon    18:1134M
1027Ed Boardman    18:3040M
11122Michael Ginter    18:3415M
12145Jaden Hepner    19:3714M
1376Roy Delevan    19:4615M
14577Ben Leitzel    19:5057M
1540Albert Brulo    19:5160M
1673Dominic Decker    19:5232M
17193Meg Lebo    20:1717F
18178Mackenzie Kirkwood    20:4515M
19153Marc Holland    21:0441M
2070Alejandro Davila    21:0622M
21119David Geiger    21:1226M
2285Rodrigo Diaz    21:1653M
2383Elijah Diaz    21:1712M
2437Mandy Brigaman    21:4642F
25134Matthew Hahn    22:1733M
26187Scott Krutz    22:2144M
27191Jacob Layton    22:2316M
28350Brian VanDerveer    22:2930M
29147Trey Hepner    22:3911M
30146Sam Hepner    22:4041M
31248Stephen Myers    22:5345M
32167Jeff Ilgenfritz    22:5956M
3341Carol Bullen    23:0134F
34258Shane OConnell    23:0812M
35368Randy Weigle    23:0960M
36194Julia Ledgett    23:2118F
37172Hayley Midgley    23:2118F
38166Daniel Ilgenfritz    23:3916M
39120Scott George    23:4254M
40342Briar Thompson    23:4814M
41297Lydia Ring    23:4814F
42239Conner Morrow    23:4914M
43265Jacob Owen    23:4914M
44348Sophia Toti    23:5816F
45354Mike Varner    23:5861M
46314Austin Shatto    24:0114M
47341Alyson Thibodeau    24:0536F
4875Colleen Deignan    24:0625F
49121Andrew Ginder    24:0937M
5043Brian Bustos    24:2232M
51306Sophie Salomone    24:2815F
52362Abby Walters    24:3718F
537Stephen Aux    24:4344M
54156Rebecca Hornberger    24:4536F
55309Chad Searer    24:4729M
5612Craig Bear    24:5039M
57584Carleigh Courtney    25:0012F
58155David Hollen    25:0555M
59315Noah Shatto    25:1514M
60221Frank Meise    25:1930M
6128Kylee Boardman    25:2011F
62324Henry Smith    25:2013M
63184Steven Kretzing    25:3742M
64326Tracy Sniscak    25:4047F
65176Steven Karloski    25:4231M
6650Tyler Chandler    25:4321M
67241Samantha Moses    25:5635F
68390Reilly Zenewicz    25:5816M
69175Amanda Karloski    26:0631F
70240Jodi Morrow    26:0648F
71338Katie Suwala    26:0735F
72183Megan Kretzing    26:1244F
7398Steve Fealtman    26:1855M
7453Joseph Chretien    26:2247M
75364John Wargins    26:3352M
7626Britton Boardman    26:3813M
7724Chris Bley    26:3834M
7867Clint Culbertson    26:4042M
79357Ethan Waleski    26:5115M
8093Jennifer Einherst    27:0839F
81263Lacey Oswalt    27:1131F
8268Joseph Daffner    27:1243M
83181Laura Knouse    27:1537F
8411Corey Bear    27:2841M
85173Clarissa Johnston    27:3215F
86384Katryn Yocum    27:3214F
87113Ernest Gardner    27:3852M
88353Lindsay Varner    27:4432F
89174Adam Kalmanowicz    27:5014M
90159Heather Hostler    27:5640F
91313Zak Sharif    27:5734M
92294Sarah Rhine    27:5929F
93203Aubrey Mackey    27:5911F
94273Myine Palmer    28:0135F
95271Caleb Palmer    28:0216M
96274Timothy Palmer    28:0350M
97352Cindy Varner    28:0860F
9887Jason Diggs    28:0934M
99235Russ Moore    28:1742M
100287Baxter Purdy    28:2110M
101185Bella Krutz    28:2513F
102343Sylvia Thompson    28:2745F
103254Ashley Nestlebush    28:2811F
104363Anna Walters    28:3020F
10574Riley Decker    28:424M
106186Kelly Krutz    28:4544F
107144Mary Hellman    28:4632F
108158Greta Hostler    28:4712F
109160Owen Hostler    28:478M
11017Joseph Bell    28:5335M
111247Kim Murray    29:0748F
112347Dawn Toti    29:1050F
113371Brad Westhafer    29:1366M
114163Abigail Hurst    29:2217F
1152Emma Adams    29:2213F
116376John Willshier    29:249M
117327Ana Soto    29:2435F
11810Chuck Bear    29:3366M
119292Angela Reighard    29:4149F
12056Marisa Colondrillo    29:4413F
1219Stephen Barkley    29:4638M
122266Jeremy Owen    29:5943M
12335Stacey Brautigam    30:0538F
124383Charles Yocum    30:0654M
125195Judy Lee    30:0657F
126216Nikki McElwee    30:0745F
127125Roger Gonzalez    30:0749M
128322Richard Showers    30:1161M
129201Steven Lynn    30:1118M
130351Jamie VanMeter    30:1837F
131344Jose Torres    30:2355M
13254Lisa Clark    30:2343F
13334Philip Bowers    30:3120M
13457Sarah Colondrillo    30:3638F
135225Hap Miller    30:3874M
13619Jill Benner    30:3957F
13731Solis Bollinger    30:396F
13830Shaun Bollinger    30:4037M
13915Levi Beck    30:408M
14023Tara Black    30:4840F
14188David Dils    30:4958M
142569daniel whelan    30:5251M
14380Terry Derk    30:5876M
144308Katie Schweighofer    31:1339F
145152Jen Hoffman    31:1349F
146189jennifer kyzer    31:1638F
14733Tim Bowen    31:1845M
14832Angelica Bowen    31:1813F
149337Maggie Stonecash    31:2532F
150365Cherie Watkins    31:3432F
151135Brian Hair    31:4660M
152388Kayla Zenewicz    32:0230F
153291Paul Raver    32:0774M
1543Jennifer Adams    32:0838F
15569Rick Daum    32:1069M
156275Brett Paul    32:1324M
15789Elizabeth Drazien    32:1441F
158366Kylee Watkins    32:1611F
159267Dominic Paladina    32:2111M
160269Jeff Paladina    32:2246M
161242Andrew Mowery    32:2840M
162249KELSEY NAJDEK    32:2924F
163320Dianne Showers    32:3462F
164276Emma Peachey    32:3712F
165164Henri Hurst    32:519M
166583Trentin Diegel    32:5316M
16739Gina Brown    32:5557F
168198Lydia Lloyd    33:0312F
169199Jameson Locvich    33:0834M
170169Nauman Iqbal    33:1418M
171288Lucy Purdy    33:157F
172230Abby Moore    33:1611F
173229Aaron Moore    33:259M
174150Caroline Hoffman    33:2619F
175151Grace Hoffman    33:2615F
176143Kyle Hellman    33:3032M
177585Allison Moore    33:4031F
178255Madison Nestlebush    33:4211F
179289Matt Purdy    33:4838M
180127Jordyn Graham    33:536M
181126April Graham    33:5443F
182270Julia Paladina    34:0039F
183268Gianna Paladina    34:009F
184386Luke Young    34:0217M
185226Luke Mitchell    34:0311M
186227Nina Mitchell    34:0839F
187281Michael Percherke    34:4857M
188377Gabrielle Winton    34:4946F
189257Scott Nestlebush    34:5147M
19061Richard Cooper    34:5563M
191206Isaac Mains    35:0113M
192214Danielle McCaul    35:0534F
193157Richard Hornberger    35:2535M
19492Paul Edger    35:2731M
195328Todd Starbuck    35:5274M
19655Jennifer Clements    36:0544F
197215Erin McCusker    36:0541F
198256Noelle Nestlebush    36:0946F
199149Jayne Higgins    36:1561F
200582Miranda Diegel    36:2110F
201303Kyle Routh    36:2248M
202302AXEL ROUTH    36:2217M
203581Melissa Eppley    36:2335F
204279Owen Peffer    36:267M
205280Stephanie Peffer    36:2639F
20616Samuel Beck    36:406M
20736Richard Briden    36:5540M
20842Patience Bulus    37:1221F
209141Sharon Haseman    37:1248F
210108Sheila Foster    37:1732F
21186Kim Dierwechter    37:3039F
212154Russell Holland    37:3039M
213168Amina Iqbal    37:3626F
214579Carissa Alabise    37:4436F
215180Bill Knouse    37:4565M
2161Elaina Adams    37:4610F
217290Sophia Ramsey    37:532F
218196Wayne Lengel    37:5358M
21913Traer Beaudette    37:5839F
220373Rachel Weyant    38:0339F
221385Willa Yocum    38:187F
222381Ashlyn Yocum    38:1816F
22352Janelle Chockla    38:1835F
224382Carla Yocum    38:2149F
225372John Westhafer    38:2962M
226138Jase Hambrook    38:3113M
227139Lindsay Hambrook    38:3141F
2286Lori Aux    38:4650F
229192Karlee Lebo    39:0327F
230317Ronald Shields    39:1875M
2315Patrick Andrews    39:2047M
232105Liz Fisher    39:5243F
233325Kathy Smith    39:5248F
23421Brian Bittinger    40:4640M
23522Jaime Bittinger    40:4634F
236282Shelly Perry    42:0357F
237217Jillian McGeehan    42:2238F
238220Pier Meager    43:0066M
239278Isabella Peffer    43:272F
240251Angela Nelson    43:2731F
241148Mira Hewlett    43:2738F
24218Scott Benion    43:2735M
24360JoAnne Cooper    43:4066F
244244Michele Mullins    43:4429F
245245Shaun Mullins    43:4432M
246109Isabelle Gable    44:317F
24779Seth DeLorenzo    44:317M
248285Brooklyn Popalo    45:0613F
249286Tracy Popalo    45:0938F
25077Asher DeLorenzo    45:149M
25178Jason DeLorenzo    45:1735M
252312Josephine Seyfried    45:2258M
253234Riley Moore    45:2712F
254231Amanda Moore    45:3836F
255361Sarah Waleski    45:4813F
256360Norah Waleski    45:5010F
257209Sean Mains    46:1813M
258359Mike Waleski    46:2045M
259205Christine Mains    46:3637F
260207Magdalene Mains    46:451F
261204Brian Mains    46:4538M
262237Amelia Morris    46:5712F
263311Brian Senft    47:4139M
26446Wendy Campbell    48:0045F
26529Kristen Boles    48:2234F
26691Katrina Eady    48:2238F
267162Bree Howell    48:2335F
268356Charlotte Waleski    49:248F
269358Jennifer Waleski    49:2542F
270123Tammie Gitt    49:3549F
271137Wendi Hair    50:1255F
272136Heather Hair    50:1337F
27394Christina Erb    50:2234F
27497Laura Erb    50:223F
27596Jason Erb    50:2337M
27695Grant Erb    50:247M
27782Daniel Diaz    51:1011M
278170Ashley Ivanoff    51:1118F
279133Jamie Hafner    51:1118F
280246Olga Munoz    51:1744F
28184Felipe Diaz    51:178M
282379Cliff Wolaver    51:3468M
283200Charly Lynn    52:3147F
284369Jenny May wendell    52:3629F
285111Kaitlyn Gable    53:265F
286110Jonathan Gable    53:2740M
287112Olivia Gable    53:4138F
288202Alec Macarayo    53:4214F
289232Ava Moore    53:4710F
290233Cathryn Moore    53:494F
291236Sarah Moore    54:2839F
292380Kathy Wolaver    54:5568F
293370Coleen West    56:1756F
294349April Tuggle    56:3129F
295316Ashley Shields    56:5730F
296318Sergio Shields    56:5833M
29764Nicole Crisp    56:5847F
298272Margaret Palmer    57:1472F
29966Maria Cuccia    57:2215F
30065Lenora Cuccia    57:2353F
301188Adrienne Kuhn    57:3243F
302190Carol Lawton    57:3336F
303182Hollis Kosco    58:3046F
304586Bill Kosco    58:3178M
30548Briella Carothers    58:535F
306389Kyleigh Zenewicz    59:1515F
307210Thomas Mains  1:01:3714M
308208Owen Mains  1:01:4710M
309336Deborah Stille  1:04:3364F
310323John Sigle  1:04:3473M

10k Age Group Results

10K Top Females Overall
1428Elaina Clancy    38:5818
10K Age Group Results for Female 10 – 14 
1417Caryn Biesecker    58:3413
10K Age Group Results for Female 15 – 19 
1476Sarah Hollen    45:0118
2451Emma Fisler    57:0818
10K Age Group Results for Female 20 – 29
1547April Schlusser    43:4625
2414Elizabeth Berg    44:3628
3512Gretchen Meise    48:2029
4504Morgan Lutz    50:0025
5524Hayley Murdough    53:0422
6506Elizabeth Marin    53:1621
7530Monica Padgett    56:3927
8489Nastia Khlopina  1:00:5122
9442Ysmaine Domiciano  1:04:4729
10565Olivia Walker  1:08:2126
11474Alyssa Hoffman  1:08:2627
12468Allison Hanna  1:12:3625
13568Lindsay Wheeler  1:12:5322
1420Alysa Bessell  1:15:5425
15487Kimberly Kern  1:21:0529
10K Age Group Results for Female 30 – 39
1407Teal Liu    41:1632
2545Gina Sando    45:3032
3413amanda bell    46:0336
4491Kate Kornucik    48:3536
5459Rachel Gartner    50:1630
6409Whitney Baker    51:5836
7430Rachel Cook    54:0337
8500Jodi Lehman    54:1033
9535Kristen Purdy    54:2638
10449Emily Fisher    54:4530
11578Stephanie Ebersole    54:4530
12478April Hope    57:1232
13469Jill Hasson    59:4736
14542Victoria Saffioti  1:00:5336
15432Jamie Croft  1:00:5938
16573Jennifer Workman  1:02:2131
17438Heather Decker  1:03:0033
18497Kate Lawrence  1:04:0938
19556Elysa Springer  1:05:2936
20552Kari Silva  1:06:5031
21503Emily Lowrey  1:08:2130
22443Heather Durange  1:21:0532
10K Age Group Results for Female 40 – 49
1541Alli Rose    48:4043
2539Sherry Riley    49:4840
3405Robbin Babb    51:3849
4519Dorie Minich    53:2840
5426Denise Cabral    53:2945
6421Rebekah Billings    54:1544
7457Angelique Gardner    55:1743
8452Jennifer Fisler    57:0845
9406Beth Bahm    57:2547
10403Jackie Antes    58:3244
11419Tracy Biesecker  1:03:1943
12544Kari Sanders  1:04:5847
13485Molly Jurcik  1:05:2942
14543Susan Salzmann  1:06:0649
15435Barb Cunningham  1:06:5241
16562Maria Torres  1:07:5447
17415Allison Bernheimer  1:11:2842
18440Barbara Ditenhafer  1:12:0546
19424Jennifer Bruder  1:12:1145
20480Lindsay Hough  1:14:3542
21572Karen Woodring  1:15:3345
10K Age Group Results for Female 50 – 59
1475Roxanne Hollen    50:2851
2514Becky Michaelian    54:0755
3486Rebecca Jussila    55:1350
4559Deborah Swope    56:1450
5482Donna Hughes    56:4757
6496Shelly Latsha    57:4250
7477Barbara Holste  1:04:5553
8564Cathy Utz  1:05:4253
9575Debbie Butler  1:08:1559
10484Jackie Jenkins  1:14:3959
11571Vicki Witter  1:18:0250
10K Age Group Results for Female 60 – 69
1576Joanne Kohn  1:03:0861
2531Patricia Parker  1:04:3468
3533Millie Potteiger  1:21:3460
10K Top Males Overall
1508Chris McCabe    32:1828
10K Age Group Results for Male 10 – 14
1493Kyle Kuykendall    50:0114
2536Owen Purdy    51:3212
10K Age Group Results for Male 15 – 19 
1456Ian Gabig    32:4119
2495John Lane    34:0518
3425William Bucher    38:3817
4520Aidan Moretz    38:4919
5566Ian Ward    39:1417
6494Tyler Kuykendall    44:5717
7537William Reeder    46:2016
10K Age Group Results for Male 20 – 29
1400Noah Reighard    36:2820
2555Travis Soprano    37:3929
3521Ian Moretz    39:4521
4570Blair Williams    39:5729
5501Josh Line    41:4820
6420ivo bilanovic    47:0729
7472Nicholas Hessert    48:0228
8453Michael Fleming    50:1729
9551Frederick Shilke    52:1827
10511David Meckes    59:4827
11516Edward Miller  1:04:5226
10K Age Group Results for Male 30 – 39
1410Scott Baldwin    43:4137
2560Eric Thornburg    45:3739
3437DOUGLAS DAVIS    45:3833
4471Robert Hendricks    46:4037
5422Andrew Bitz    48:5738
6445Matt Erkel    49:5233
7505Nathan Mares    51:5035
8412Nathan Beissel    52:5630
9404Johnny Ayscue    54:0637
10546Andrew Sandrik    55:2833
11488Joshua Kerstetter    56:1135
12534Brian Priest    56:3939
13462Frank Green  1:12:1137
10K Age Group Results for Male 40 – 49
1450Andrew Fisler    39:5346
2509Colin McCaul    43:1341
3439Harold Diaz    46:1342
4436Robert Cutlip    49:1341
5540James Robinson    49:3340
6507LaFran Marks    50:0246
7580Chris Smith    51:1440
8525Jason Murray    52:1843
9418Phil Biesecker    52:2143
10549Jeffrey Seyfried    53:1449
11502Jeff Lloyd    53:5948
12470Jeffrey Hein    54:2141
13563Don Underdonk    57:5947
14479Adam Hough    59:0542
15461John Gogets  1:04:2849
16411Barry Beard  1:06:5742
17532Brian Polensky  1:10:5043
18561Shane Tilson  1:14:0741
10K Age Group Results for Male 50 – 59
1518Curt Minich    39:2350
2567Norman Wenger    43:1750
3522Paul Moretz    45:0555
4441Frank Divonzo    45:2151
5587Jose Mendez    45:4554
6529Glen Ott    46:1750
7447Michael Fasick    46:2151
8401Jerry Altemier    48:3551
9550Doug Shields    48:3851
10498Dave Lebo    50:5759
11553Bob Smith    51:2252
12429James Conklin    55:1054
13538Ken Renfrew    59:5554
10K Age Group Results for Male 60 – 69
1464Gary Grobman    44:0365
2499Doug Lehman    46:1965
3473Allen Hipple    47:3969
4444John Economos    52:2365
5402Gary Ankabrandt    53:0465
6433Frank Crupi    59:0366
7510Dave McSherry  1:02:3263
8448Ali Firoozmand  1:12:3666

10k Overall Results

1508Chris McCabe    32:1828M
2456Ian Gabig    32:4119M
3495John Lane    34:0518M
4400Noah Reighard    36:2820M
5555Travis Soprano    37:3929M
6425William Bucher    38:3817M
7520Aidan Moretz    38:4919M
8428Elaina Clancy    38:5818F
9566Ian Ward    39:1417M
10518Curt Minich    39:2350M
11521Ian Moretz    39:4521M
12450Andrew Fisler    39:5346M
13570Blair Williams    39:5729M
14407Teal Liu    41:1632F
15501Josh Line    41:4820M
16509Colin McCaul    43:1341M
17567Norman Wenger    43:1750M
18410Scott Baldwin    43:4137M
19547April Schlusser    43:4625F
20464Gary Grobman    44:0365M
21414Elizabeth Berg    44:3628F
22494Tyler Kuykendall    44:5717M
23476Sarah Hollen    45:0118F
24522Paul Moretz    45:0555M
25441Frank Divonzo    45:2151M
26545Gina Sando    45:3032F
27560Eric Thornburg    45:3739M
28437DOUGLAS DAVIS    45:3833M
29587Jose Mendez    45:4554M
30413amanda bell    46:0336F
31439Harold Diaz    46:1342M
32529Glen Ott    46:1750M
33499Doug Lehman    46:1965M
34537William Reeder    46:2016M
35447Michael Fasick    46:2151M
36471Robert Hendricks    46:4037M
37420ivo bilanovic    47:0729M
38473Allen Hipple    47:3969M
39472Nicholas Hessert    48:0228M
40512Gretchen Meise    48:2029F
41401Jerry Altemier    48:3551M
42491Kate Kornucik    48:3536F
43550Doug Shields    48:3851M
44541Alli Rose    48:4043F
45422Andrew Bitz    48:5738M
46436Robert Cutlip    49:1341M
47540James Robinson    49:3340M
48539Sherry Riley    49:4840F
49445Matt Erkel    49:5233M
50504Morgan Lutz    50:0025F
51493Kyle Kuykendall    50:0114M
52507LaFran Marks    50:0246M
53459Rachel Gartner    50:1630F
54453Michael Fleming    50:1729M
55475Roxanne Hollen    50:2851F
56498Dave Lebo    50:5759M
57580Chris Smith    51:1440M
58553Bob Smith    51:2252M
59536Owen Purdy    51:3212M
60405Robbin Babb    51:3849F
61505Nathan Mares    51:5035M
62409Whitney Baker    51:5836F
63525Jason Murray    52:1843M
64551Frederick Shilke    52:1827M
65418Phil Biesecker    52:2143M
66444John Economos    52:2365M
67412Nathan Beissel    52:5630M
68402Gary Ankabrandt    53:0465M
69524Hayley Murdough    53:0422F
70549Jeffrey Seyfried    53:1449M
71506Elizabeth Marin    53:1621F
72519Dorie Minich    53:2840F
73426Denise Cabral    53:2945F
74502Jeff Lloyd    53:5948M
75430Rachel Cook    54:0337F
76404Johnny Ayscue    54:0637M
77514Becky Michaelian    54:0755F
78500Jodi Lehman    54:1033F
79421Rebekah Billings    54:1544F
80470Jeffrey Hein    54:2141M
81535Kristen Purdy    54:2638F
82449Emily Fisher    54:4530F
83578Stephanie Ebersole    54:4530F
84429James Conklin    55:1054M
85486Rebecca Jussila    55:1350F
86457Angelique Gardner    55:1743F
87546Andrew Sandrik    55:2833M
88488Joshua Kerstetter    56:1135M
89559Deborah Swope    56:1450F
90530Monica Padgett    56:3927F
91534Brian Priest    56:3939M
92482Donna Hughes    56:4757F
93452Jennifer Fisler    57:0845F
94451Emma Fisler    57:0818F
95478April Hope    57:1232F
96406Beth Bahm    57:2547F
97496Shelly Latsha    57:4250F
98563Don Underdonk    57:5947M
99403Jackie Antes    58:3244F
100417Caryn Biesecker    58:3413F
101433Frank Crupi    59:0366M
102479Adam Hough    59:0542M
103469Jill Hasson    59:4736F
104511David Meckes    59:4827M
105538Ken Renfrew    59:5554M
106489Nastia Khlopina  1:00:5122F
107542Victoria Saffioti  1:00:5336F
108432Jamie Croft  1:00:5938F
109573Jennifer Workman  1:02:2131F
110510Dave McSherry  1:02:3263M
111438Heather Decker  1:03:0033F
112576Joanne Kohn  1:03:0861F
113419Tracy Biesecker  1:03:1943F
114497Kate Lawrence  1:04:0938F
115461John Gogets  1:04:2849M
116531Patricia Parker  1:04:3468F
117442Ysmaine Domiciano  1:04:4729F
118516Edward Miller  1:04:5226M
119477Barbara Holste  1:04:5553F
120544Kari Sanders  1:04:5847F
121485Molly Jurcik  1:05:2942F
122556Elysa Springer  1:05:2936F
123564Cathy Utz  1:05:4253F
124543Susan Salzmann  1:06:0649F
125552Kari Silva  1:06:5031F
126435Barb Cunningham  1:06:5241F
127411Barry Beard  1:06:5742M
128562Maria Torres  1:07:5447F
129575Debbie Butler  1:08:1559F
130503Emily Lowrey  1:08:2130F
131565Olivia Walker  1:08:2126F
132474Alyssa Hoffman  1:08:2627F
133532Brian Polensky  1:10:5043M
134415Allison Bernheimer  1:11:2842F
135440Barbara Ditenhafer  1:12:0546F
136462Frank Green  1:12:1137M
137424Jennifer Bruder  1:12:1145F
138448Ali Firoozmand  1:12:3666M
139468Allison Hanna  1:12:3625F
140568Lindsay Wheeler  1:12:5322F
141561Shane Tilson  1:14:0741M
142480Lindsay Hough  1:14:3542F
143484Jackie Jenkins  1:14:3959F
144572Karen Woodring  1:15:3345F
14520Alysa Bessell  1:15:5425F
146571Vicki Witter  1:18:0250F
147443Heather Durange  1:21:0532F
148487Kimberly Kern  1:21:0529F
149533Millie Potteiger  1:21:3460F