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Ask Your Physical Therapist: My Heel And Arch Pain Is Ruining My Life…What Can I Do?

Thankfully, this is a common issue that many people have and there IS something that can be done to resolve it – so, you’re not alone.

While there are several different reasons for heel and arch pain, the most common and most likely is plantar fasciitis.  People with this condition commonly report that their heel and arch pain is worse in the am with the first few steps out of bed and the first few steps they take after getting up from sitting.  They usually notice that the heel and arch pain is not as bad when they are up walking and moving around until the condition worsens.. at which point the heel and arch can be painful most of the day.  

The Plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue that connects from the heel to the balls of the feet.  Its job is to provide shock absorption and support to the foot when you are weightbearing.  Flat feet, high arches, improper footwear, standing on concrete floors for hours a day, increasing your exercise routine too quickly, etc. can all cause plantar fasciitis.  The good news is that with the correct treatment, you can get rid of plantar fasciitis and get back to normal.  

So, what IS the correct treatment.  The correct treatment is actually a combination of things.  First, you need to make sure you are in the correct shoe for your specific foot type. You can do this at a place like Appalachian Running Co, where one of their Shoe Fitting Experts will analyze your foot type and gait to help you select the right shoe.  Next, see Your Physical Therapist at Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy so that they can perform a thorough evaluation on you to determine what is causing your heel and arch pain.  Then, the physical therapist will work to reduce your soft tissue tightness and irritation, restore the range of motion around your foot and ankle as well as the strength of the muscles surrounding this area.  Finally, many people need custom orthotics.  Custom orthotics are a device that is made specifically for your foot type.  We have you stand on a force plate and then walk across it, the force plate registers your foot mechanics and then one of our expert Physical Therapists analyzes the results and orders the precise orthotic needed for your specific foot type.  The orthotics work by supporting your arch and distributing the pressure across your foot evenly, thereby relieving the pain in your heel and arch.

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Steve Miller PT, C.Ped is the owner of Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy in Carlisle.