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A Stroller Story

  I was cruising down the road at my comfort pace while pushing the Kelty stroller on a bright summer day.  I’d logged hundreds of miles

woman eating a pumpkin pie

Are You Eating to Maximize Performance?

Look, I’m not saying you’re not eating healthy. I’m sure you’re getting in all your whole grains, all your avocados, and all your chicken. That’s

woman girl silhouette jogger

The Perfect Run

If there’s one thing that runners love more than running, it’s talking about running. From deliberating on which new shoes we’re currently longing for, to

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Finding Your Joy

One of the most fun parts of working at the store is that I get to meet lots of people. I get to hear their

crop man getting dollars from wallet

What is Value?

Sometime in the early 1980’s, I mopped floors, wiped tables, washed dishes and unpacked boxes at a local sub shop for months in order to

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What’s In Your Cookie Jar?

This year we tried to start a Q&A section in our weekly newsletter. When you guys come into the store, you always have so many

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