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11 Jan

A New Year, A New Word


A New Year, A New Word

Well, there you have it; the holiday season has come and gone. The presents have been torn open, our mailboxes are filled more and more with Christmas bills rather than Christmas cards, and the New Year made its glorious entrance with a blast of cheers, kisses, and fireworks exploding in the night sky. Many of us awoke the next day with well-deserved headaches, but still met the day committed to begin our seemingly obligatory resolution.

Resolutions are often like this: we explode with intensity and aim for a year of new success. But change is HARD! And it often seems that the first time we miss a daily run or take a swing through the bakery for a sweet, delicious donut, we get down on ourselves, throw up our hands and say, I failed, might as well just keep shoving sugar in my mouth, or embark on a series of naps rather than runs.

Is there another option here?

Yes, yes there is.

Read on, my friends.

This year at ARC, Josh asked each of us to think of just one word for the year of 2017, something we want for ourselves, need for our lives, just a word…or two, or eleven if you can’t follow the rules.

Here are our words:

Learning to let God live in the “grey” areas of life.
Strength and Courage

As Josh wrote to us in an email: “Those are really, really good words to live by. I believe those are mantras we should hang our hats on for this year. Just a simple word can change your attitude in what you are doing, who you are spending time with, and how you do it.”

Yes, one word can change your world.

In truth, regardless of how we decide to make 2017 a better year than the last, what is most important is that we TRY. There is no one “right” way to do it. Different strokes for different folks, ya know?

This year I just saw a new perspective and wanted to share it with you.

So . . . .

If you’re a loyal and traditional resolutioner, get to chasing those goals!

And, if you feel so inclined, don’t be afraid to put a word in your heart, too.

Or do both.

We’ll be here to encourage and inspire you along the way!