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12 Jul

Be A Difference Maker!

We believe that you can truly make a difference in someone’s life through your words and your actions — EVERY day!

That’s what we strive to do with each person that comes through our doors and those that we have the privilege of meeting and spending time with at group runs, races and local events.  We love our community and are inspired by them each and every day!

Now, we’d like to hear from YOU!

Welcome to the Difference Maker Challenge!

We would like to hear more stories from our customers, family and friends!

How have YOU made a difference? 

It can be something big or something small.  The size doesn’t matter, it’s seizing an opportunity to sow into someone else’s life and see them grow.

Maybe you were the recipient of a difference maker and want to share their story of making a difference in your life.

Or, perhaps you saw a need or situation and decided to do something positive.

Or, maybe you’ve observed someone making a difference and want to give them a shout out.

Since we have heard many of these inspiring stories from our fitting stools in the store, we would also love to share them with others — with the hope of inspiring every day people to Be A Difference Maker!

Here’s what we would like to see happen:

1. Email your Difference Maker story to  


Post your Difference Maker story to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtags #BeADifferenceMaker and #AppRunCo. (you can tag Appalachian Running Company, too!)

2. We will share stories starting now through August 30th.

3. All stories will be entered into a random drawing.  There will be 3 winners of FABULOUS prizes.  (We want you to go after this, so ARC has some skin in the game too!)

4. The winners will be drawn on Wednesday, August 30, 2017.

You might be saying to yourself:

“Self, where is all this Difference Maker business coming from?  Why does a shoe store care about what I do?  It’s none of their business!”

Well, we have a few videos we’ll be sharing with you about that.  Here’s the first one that lays the groundwork of how seizing an opportunity has changed more than one life: