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Embracing the Summer Heat

It’s June. The sun is out and days are as long as they get in the calendar year. Unlike in the winter, your day is not over when you leave the office. Summer is the time to take advantage of the added Vitamin D and get all the road running that you need. 

With that being said, it’s also a time to be extra careful with our bodies and the sweltering summer conditions. This is the season where heat exhaustion, cramps, and dehydration are most common. Being smart and prepared for runs in the heat is crucial. 

Here are some things to think about: 

Pay attention to what you wear: Try your best to dress like a minimalist, too much on your body will heat you up and weigh you down. Also pay attention to the materials that you wear. Materials that are light, vented, and breathable are best like Dri Fit or polyester. 

Drink lots of fluids: You should be upping your fluid intake throughout the day. Make sure to drink before, during, and after your runs. Many runners suggest sport drinks over water because they increase water absorption, replace electrolytes that have been sweat out, and provide more energy. 

Be wise in when you choose to run: Even on the hottest days of the year – the temperature generally cools off significantly at dawn and dusk. Being an early riser, knocking out runs in the AM or being patient and doing evening runs are best. 

Be picky as to where you run: Concrete and asphalt absorb heat. Running in the grass or on trails is ideal. It also never hurts to find a venue with lots of trees with shade cover. 

Don’t overdo it!: Don’t let your pride win. There is no shame in running slower times in summer weather conditions. Listening to your body will reduce your chance of cramping, heat exhaustion, or other muscle injuries. 

Staying active throughout the calendar year takes discipline and preparation. The summer months are no exception to that. Enjoy the sun, embrace the heat, and be responsible while doing it!

About the author: Mark is the Operations Manager of the 2 AppRunCo stores in the Pittsburgh area. Mark loves running through the city and taking in all the cool views Pittsburgh offers.  If Mark isn’t in a shoe store, you can find him at all the local disc golf courses throwing around a frisbee.