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Everyone Has Their Own Everest To Climb

Several weeks ago, two of my coworkers and I started a Couch to 5k program to help new runners train and run the Carlisle Turkey Trot this year. Everyone who is participating in the program has been doing great! We have been so impressed and proud that everyone has been sticking with it, putting in the hard work and crushing the workouts! 

Last week, I was talking to one of the runners after they had run 2 miles straight for the first time, just a few days prior. They were so proud of themselves and thrilled about their progress so far… but then they mentioned their friend who does Ironman races, how they could never do that, and how something like that makes their 2 miles seem so much less significant. I tried to remind them that even this super-cool Ironman friend once started out just like them – working hard to run a few miles and their first 5k. They too could complete an Ironman someday if they wanted to, all they have to do is keep putting in the work and slowly progressing!

Everyone has to start somewhere, and I hate to think that anyone who was just starting out (or starting back!) would think completing their first 5k was any less amazing because other people out there can run faster or longer! 

It made me think of a quote from Wanda Rutkiewicz, a Polish mountain climber who was the first woman to summit K2 and the third to summit Mt. Everest. She said “Everyone has their own Everest to climb,” and it’s true! Whether your Everest is running a mile without stopping, completing an Ironman or even just being more consistent with your running or exercise- these are all amazing achievements and don’t let anyone (NOT EVEN YOURSELF) tell you any different! 

Apparently I’m really into quotes today, but have you ever heard the saying “comparison is the thief of joy”? I have a tendency to look at feats I accomplished a few years ago and become sad that I’m not at that level of fitness now, regardless of the fact that I was happy 5 minutes ago before I saw that “this day in history” post. I think we all could benefit from meeting our body’s where they are NOW and working toward our Everest one mile at a time, rather than wasting time watching others who are already there. 

What do you think? Do you have any advice you wish someone had given you when you were just starting out on your running journey? Let us know! We would love to share it with our Couch to 5k group ahead of their big race!

About the author: Katie is the Store Manager of  AppRunCo – Carlisle & an avid distance runner. She loves running on both roads and trails with her trusty sidekick, her dog Dash. When she’s not running or fitting shoes, Katie can be found snapping photos for the store’s social media pages.​