How long does a shoe fitting take?

As long as needed!  Generally 20-30 minutes is best but it depends on what conditions you may have and how much time you want to spend in the store!

I don't run. Can you help me?

Absolutely.  Our mission is to provide an elite-level service to those that want to move better.  Running shoes generally offer more options for function, fit, and sizes so we start with those.

I have ____________(fill in the blank medical condition). Can you help me?

We have seen and have experience with many medical conditions.  There are a lot of services, equipment, and products at our disposal that make us unique.  There is a limit to what we can do to serve you however.  We have great working relationships with local medical providers and are happy complement your care.

How expensive are your shoes?

Our shoes range from $85-$175.  We believe there is a price point to shoes where you get the best materials, craftsmanship, and return on investment.  Our prices are not inflated and we do not charge extra for our expertise or push other products on top of pair of shoes unless we explain them and feel they are necessary.

I can get shoes online. Why should I buy them from you?

It’s true.  You can buy shoes online in the comfort in your own home in your pajamas.  We believe a visit to our store, while time consuming, can be the start of something much bigger than clicking “buy” on a website.   We have firsthand knowledge of our shoes, our prices are in line with what manufacturers allow and building a relationship can only help.   If you really want to shop in your pajamas we might even allow that as well!

What is your return policy?

All of us here at ARC strive to ensure that you leave our store satisfied with our attention, our products, and the opportunity to take a few short jogs outside in our shoes. When you walk out of our store, we are excited for you to enjoy your new shoes!

ARC offers a 30 day exchange period for our footwear.  Shoes can be used for their intended uses and may be exchanged for another product or store credit.

Returns must be in “as sold” condition with shoe box and without marks, smells, or wear – within 30 days of original purchase — within 30 days of original purchase.

Items that are defective are at the discretion of ARC and its vendors.

** Discounted and Clearance shoes are “all sales final” and not returnable.

Thank you so much for your understanding. We truly appreciate you and your patronage!

Running is tough. Can you help me be more efficient?

Yes!  We offer several running form clinics throughout the year at both locations.  We can also work with you when you purchase footwear as part of our fitting experience.  Lastly, private one-on-one sessions are available where we can focus on form or talk training.  Call or email for more information.

Can I order shoes through you?

Yes!  We ship a lot of shoes to past customers.  Europe, the Middle East, or just a few towns over are all free.   If you know what you want we are happy to drop them in a box and get them to you asap.

If I order shoes, how long will it be until they come in?

We will check availability while you are in the store to make sure they in stock.  We usually order every Monday with deliveries coming 1-3 days thereafter.  If you have a timeframe or special case we will work with you.

How often do you run your sales?

We always offer 10% off shoes  to all military (current and past), first responders and students.  We also run seasonal sales and clearances depending on inventory.

The best way to know about our sales is to get our weekly email newsletter or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Do you have running groups?

Yes!  Each location has several options to choose from.  Road, trail, beginner, and themed runs like “fun” and “beer”are all available!  Check the calendar, follow us on facebook, or call for more details.