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Running During the Holidays

It’s December. The month where temptations are at their peak. Office holiday parties, family get-togethers, friends visiting from out of town, & so much more. Most of us overindulge on appetizers more than we run during this month.

Every year I ask myself “How can I participate in the holidays like everyone else while not sacrificing my fitness?” Well, I’ve been working to find solutions to this question for a long time and though I’m not perfect – I’ve come up with some ideas and philosophies that keep me disciplined. 

Here are a few tips to keep you on the pavement or the treadmill. 

  1. Adapt mileage during the holidays: Everybody uses the excuse “I don’t have enough time”. Well in December that’s usually true! So don’t forfeit your runs altogether – make them shorter. Turn your 6 mile runs into 3 mile runs. Or your 4 mile runs into 2 mile runs. This way you’re still getting miles in – just not committing the same amount of time!
  2. Don’t have a rigid running schedule in December: Most runners, like me, have a set schedule and if that routine is disrupted – it feels like your whole day is thrown off! Throw away that schedule in December and run when you’re available. Just because your runs are at different times of the day doesn’t make them any less meaningful to you. 
  3. Make it social: Convince your friends to go on a run before you meet for happy hour! Or take a friend to run in a neighborhood with beautiful holiday lights.
  4. Take advantage of the mornings: Nobody is having their holiday get-togethers at 7am! If you have a full day of work ahead of you and are meeting people for dinner right after you leave the office – do something in the morning where peer pressure is at a minimum!
  5. Find a holiday 5k: If you dig enough – I’m sure you’ll find a local holiday race. Whether it’s an “Ugly Christmas Sweater Race” or a race with hot chocolate at the finish line, there’s something out there for you. 

Like I said, these are pieces of advice that I could take more seriously myself. But striking a balance between celebrating and staying in shape could be the key to making your holidays even more jolly! Happy running and happy holidays!

About the author: Mark is the Operations Manager of the 2 AppRunCo stores in the Pittsburgh area. Mark loves running through the city and taking in all the cool views Pittsburgh offers.  If Mark isn’t in a shoe store, you can find him at all the local disc golf courses throwing around a frisbee.