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Ryan Blood: How Running Makes A Difference In My Life

We all come to running via different paths.

Some of us grow up chasing our friends around in a game of tag or flag football.

Some of us run track or cross country in school and just continue our running streak into our 20’s, 30’s . . . and beyond.

Some of us decide later in life to take up running as a stress reliever, weight loss plan or to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

For Ryan, it was in his family’s blood.

Both Ryan’s mother and father love running and instilled that same love for the sport in their son at an early age.  Ryan’s father even qualified for the Olympic Trials in 1984 — setting an example of achievement through hard work and tenacity that Ryan would use as inspiration for his own running journey.

An accomplished high school and college athlete, Ryan then went on to qualify for the Olympic Trials in 2011 for the marathon.

But for Ryan, there’s much more to running than just the races and competition — It’s the life lessons he’s learned through running.

One of the most important lessons is this:

Persistence Pays Off!

Success isn’t always immediate.  Sometimes it comes “down the road” — after months or even years of hard work, training, sacrifices and highs and lows.

Running has taught Ryan the value and necessity of persistence to reach his goals — whether it be in running a big race or finding that “just right shoe” for a customer.  Staying focused on the goal and pouring your heart and soul into achieving that goal is what leads to a successful outcome.

At Appalachian Running Company,  Ryan is able to use his running experience and his life experience to help people move better and live their life to the fullest.  His patience, kindness and passion for running enable him to make a difference in the lives of each of the people he serves.

And that’s what makes Ryan Blood a Difference Maker!

How about YOU?  Are YOU a Difference Maker, too?  Do you know someone who is? (I bet you do!)

If you’d like to learn more about  — and even take part in —  our Be A Difference Maker Challenge — check out the details here: — we’d love to hear your story!