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Spring is here… I hope!

Do I dare say it??….Spring is here! 

The days are getting longer and the weather keeps getting warmer (*as I knock on wood*). March is the perfect time to start incorporating running back into your fitness routine.

With conditions becoming more mild – you can spend longer time outdoors soaking up the sunshine and fresh air –  without having to worry about the extreme heat or cold that can make running uncomfortable or even dangerous! 

Running in the spring can also help you shake off the winter blues and boost your mood. Increased exposure to natural light and the release of endorphins that comes with running makes for better & more satisfying days.

Personally, I’ve spent far too much time on my cycling bike being yelled at by fitness instructors on TV over the last few months! Although cycling or other indoor activities can provide you the release you need after a long work day, there is nothing like taking a step outside & feeling the sun hit your face right before you put in work on the pavement. 

The winters make us tough – both physically and mentally. Our reward  is the sunshine, warmth, & all the colors that Spring brings us!

So my suggestion for any runner who thinks they have a little “free time” on a beautiful March day? Go on that second cool down run, take a walk with your dog, or find a new trail in the woods! We’ve waited for the “good weather” to come back for long enough, take advantage of each beautiful spring day you get!

About the author: Mark is the Operations Manager of the 2 AppRunCo stores in the Pittsburgh area. Mark loves running through the city and taking in all the cool views Pittsburgh offers.  If Mark isn’t in a shoe store, you can find him at all the local disc golf courses throwing around a frisbee.