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The Twelve Days of Christmas: Runner Edition

Let’s face it, runners often have a lot of stuff.  From shoes, to clothes, to gadgets, it’s pretty easy to find a gift for our running friends.  In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, I’ve come up with a runner’s version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”  I’ve decided to count backwards from day twelve to day one, with each day’s number representing the number of items a runner should have or typically has for each listed item.  Let’s begin!

On the Twelfth day of Christmas, my running friend gave to me:  Twelve Pairs of Running Socks

Whether it’s Feetures, Darn Tough, or Brooks, runners can never have enough socks.  Socks tend to get lost easily, so it’s only fitting you need the most of those. Plus there’s so many great designs and colors.

On the Eleventh day of Christmas, my running friend gave to me:  Eleven Running T-Shirts 

Yes, the moisture wicking running t-shirt can be worn year around, whether it’s part of your layers in cooler weather or your only layer in warmer weather.  Whether it’s Brooks, Under Armour, or a shirt from AppRunCo, runners seem to have a lot of these and they always make great gifts.

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, my running friend gave to me: Ten Pairs  of Running Shorts

Also an item runners tend to have quite a few of, shorts can be worn year around, usually as your only layer, but also sometimes over tights or under running pants in colder weather.  Just make sure you have a few pairs with secure pockets for your gels and keys.

On the Ninth Day of Christmas, my running friend gave to me:  Nine Long Sleeved Shirts

Similar to t-shirts, these can be worn most of the year, so you just don’t need quite as many.  Perfect worn by itself in cool temps, but also a key to layer them on colder days.

On the Eighth day of Christmas, my running friend gave to me:  Eight Outer Layers

This includes anything from 1/4 zips, fleece vests, rain repellent jackets, or your favorite AppRunCo hoodie.  You don’t usually need more than a couple of each, but they definitely come in handy on really cold days or bad weather.

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, my running friend gave to me: Seven Pairs of Pants and Leggings

These aren’t year around items, but many runners will wear them every day in cold weather.  Popular brands include Nike, Under Armour and Brooks.  Many have larger pockets for your phone.

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, my running friend gave to me: Six Running Accessories

Ok, maybe I’m cheating a little bit on this one.  These are six individual items you really only need about one of, but  I’ll name six here: zipper storage belt,  blinking strobe light, reusable aid station cup, reflective vest, runner’s flashlight, and Goodr sunglasses.  Fortunately most of these are fairly small and inexpensive, great for stocking stuffers.

On the Fifth Day of Christmas, my running friend gave to me: Five Pair of Shoes

I know what you’re thinking, runners have way more than five pairs of shoes.  However, I’m talking about the ones you currently wear in your rotation, not the retired ones with 500 miles you hold onto because you like the color scheme or set a PR in them.  Let’s break this down.  You want two pairs of everyday trainers to rotate. I’m currently using the Hoka Clifton and On Cloudmonster. One pair of Carbon plated racers like theSaucony Endorphin Pro or Hoka Rocket X2. One pair that’s lightweight and responsive for speed workouts like the Brooks Hyperion Tempo or Hoka Rincon. And of course, a pair of trail shoes like the Hoka Speedgoat or Saucony Peregrine. If you’re more of a trail runner you can adjust this accordingly.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, my running friend gave to me: Four Running Hats

Yes, these are essential. You want a fleece beanie for a really cold day, a lightweight beanie for cooler days, and a lightweight running hat or trucker hat for warmer days in the rain or if you just like running in a hat. And of course, who can resist an AppRunCo pom pom hat?

On the Third day of Christmas, my running friend gave to me: Three Pairs of Gloves

I went with three because one of them needs to be mittens, or at least a convertible mitten on really cold days.  You also want two pairs of regular gloves like North Face or Under Armour, just in case you lose or misplace a pair. 

On the Second Day of Christmas, my running friend gave to me: Two Theraguns

I know what you’re thinking, these things are expensive, so why two? Well, the larger models have so many features and different attachments that every runner should have one.  And the mini is so compact and perfect for travel, it’s perfect to take to your next big race.

On the First Day of Christmas, my running friend gave to me: A Garmin Watch

Every runner wants to know exactly how many miles they’re running and what pace.  They also track so many more things like your heart rate, stress, and sleep.  I couldn’t imagine a day without mine.

     Hopefully this brought you some holiday cheer, or gave you some gift ideas for a runner, or gave you some ideas to put on your own wish list.  Everything I mentioned can be found in the store, so stop in. Happy Holidays!

About the author: A.J. is the Store Manager at AppRunCo – Altoona. He lives in Altoona and has been a competitive runner for over 20 years.​