The heart of Appalachian Running Company is to put all of our passion, experiences, and expertise into serving our customers.

We opened our doors in 2008. Our store and selection was a bit small but interested people gave us a chance to serve them. Besides our enthusiasm and heart for service, another positive attribute was our location. We were sandwiched between a physical therapy clinic and a casual shoe store. This allowed us to see all kinds of customers. From serious runners to people with a desire to play with grandkids without pain; we saw a little bit of everything.
As we have grown and expanded over the years we’ve honed our ability to use our passions to meet customers’ needs regardless of athletic ability or running speed. Our customers range from ultra-distance runners to diabetic patients and everything in between. Everybody should get an elite level shoe fitting regardless if they are a world champion athlete or not!


Throughout our existence we have firmly believed that something as simple as a pair of shoes can make a difference in your life.  Our attitude and belief is that if we help you move better you will go out and make a difference in someone else’s life.  Whether that is pushing a friend with ALS to a marathon finish or feeding hungry children on a mission trip your difference making potential can start with a great pair of shoes fit to your feet!  The difference you make in someone’s life may not be always be measurable but it’s worthy.  We hope you feel the same way!

-Josh Beck

Our staff is eclectic, friendly, and well-rounded.

We have World Champions, Olympic Trials Qualifiers, national ranked triathletes, retired educators, pastors, and Moms all on staff. We all have different experiences but we appreciate where running and moving well have taken us.








Ryan B