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You’re Never Too Young or Too Old To Be A Difference Maker!

Jaden and Sam Hepner
Carlisle Summerfair 2017

Have you ever thought of doing something — running a 5k, traveling to a different country, making a career change, or learning something new —  but then the voice of doubt crept in and said . . “I’m too old to do that” or “I’m not old enough to do that” or “I’m too ‘WHATEVER’ to do that”?

It happens to us all at one time or another.  We let our age dictate what we are capable of doing.

But as the saying goes:  Age is just a number!

Take, for instance the story of Sam and his 13-year-old son Jaden.

As part of our Be A Difference Maker Challenge, Sam sent us the story of how his son Jaden has made an incredible difference in his life.

Sam shared that he had once been an avid road biker and he loved the physical and emotional benefits of testing his fitness through biking.

But then a herniated disc prevented Sam from enjoying regular exercise.  He became less active, gained weight and started to feel the effects emotionally as well.

Around this time, Sam’s son Jaden took up running Cross Country and distance events in Track.  After work, Sam would take Jaden to area parks and areas to run– but would sit and watch.  Then, one day, Sam got the idea to try running, too.  Jaden was thrilled and encouraged his dad with lots of “Good Job, Dad!” and “Keep it Up, Dad!”

Jaden’s encouragement and positive example inspired Sam — and eventually the whole family (Mom, his siblings and even the dog!) — to get out there and run!  Sam describes it like this:

“Our family is hooked on running!  

We are healthier, happier, and best of all  we are outside! 

We can be seen running trails through the Dillsburg and
Boiling Springs area or in the local parks just having a blast…my son
literally has changed the entire direction of my family.”

This quiet, humble young man of just 13 years of age has had a tremendous effect on the lives of others!

Needless to say, Jaden has one proud Dad!

“My son Jaden is my difference maker. 

He is my inspiration. 

I had given up and he gave me hope that physically I could find health again. 

My weight was going up, my mental and emotional health was going down. 
I was done…I had given up and my son inspired me to keep trying and I am! 

He is my inspiration to live a healthy life and he has opened up doors to our
family that we never knew to walk through…with awesome sports like Cross Country,
Track, and events and group runs with good people…it has been an awesome year and
I hope to spend many more years chasing Jaden through trails, and parks, and
can’t wait to enjoy many more wonderful events like yours there in Carlisle with him. 

Jaden has literally moved our family of 6 in a new direction towards a healthier lifestyle.” 

Thank you, Sam, for sharing this wonderful story about your Difference Maker, Jaden!

You inspire us all — no matter what our age — to Be A Difference Maker!