All Are Welcome


Many of our customers aren’t elite athletes – they’re just people who need a good, supportive pair of shoes! All are welcome at ARC regardless of athletic ability. Our knowledgeable staff want to help you to achieve your health and fitness goals no matter what they are. We want you to leave us feeling motivated to take on your next adventure!

Our 4-Step Fit Process

1. Listen

We may ask you a few questions, but we really want you to tell us about yourself! Any information about your feet, running history, injuries and goals will help us help you.

2. Evaluate

Your feet have 26 bones and are a complex structure!  We’ll start by measuring your feet and observing your gait. We’ll also look at your current pair of shoes and examine the wear pattern and stresses on them. These things all help us determine the right shoe options for you!

3. Analyze

Anyone can hand you a box of shoes, but how do you know if they’re “right” for you? We’ll watch you move in them and make sure that the shoes we’re recommending match the needs of your foot biomechanics and the activities you’re engaging in.

4. Recommend & Encourage

Choosing a pair of shoes shouldn’t be stressful, and we’ll never ask you to settle! We’ll help you make a wise decision and give you the encouragement you need to pursue and achieve your goals.

Schedule a Free Fitting


Important tips for your fitting:

  1. Bring in your old/current shoes.
  2. Bring a pair of the socks you’re planning to wear.
  3. Choose function over fashion! Stay focused on the activity or goal you’re buying for.